Apeman's core R&D team is located in Shenzhen, China and California, USA. The team is committed to developing security imaging technologies that enhance the ultimate user experience, building a safe, convenient and interconnected home security product platform, and creating an IoT platform that can support 10 million accesses

The product categories that have been accessed by the platform include security cameras, smart doorbells, smart sockets, smart light bulbs, air purifiers, sweeping robots, pet feeders, 3D printers and other smart home products, as well as outdoor imaging products

  • Smart Imaging Product

  • Smart Imaging Product

  • Smart Imaging Product

  • Smart Imaging Product



Establishment of laboratory


sets of comprehensive test equipment


product reliability-related test verification

Apeman central laboratory is equipped with a total of 99 sets of comprehensive test equipment. The reliability lab is mainly used to test six performance indicators of products and perform 205 product reliability related tests to verify. It aims to carry out quality control for the whole life cycle of all products of the company and fully guarantee the high reliability of product quality

Image Quality

Color Management

Scene simulation

In addition, Apeman has built the industry's top image lab to provide image quality testing, color management and scene simulation testing for its products, creating excellent image quality and user experience for Apeman's imaging products


Apeman's design center brings together a team of designers from China, the United States and other countries and regions. Transnational teamwork, the integration of multiple cultures, and the collision of Chinese and Western design concepts make Apeman's products more in line with the aesthetic preferences of global users and integrate into local usage scenarios.

Its products have won the most authoritative international certification in innovation, practicality and design. Since 2016, Ape People has won a total of 23 well-known design awards at home and abroad, and the title of Guangdong Industrial Design Center