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Nooie was created from love, with love and to love.We're on a mission to simplify and refine your life with

Warm tech, and to make smart living more accessible to all.

Warm Tech

As parents, we understand that life can be challenging and chaotic. That's why Nooie wants to empower you with the benefits of Warm Tech, which give you more control over your life. We want to help make people's lives more productive, integrated, and sustainable. We believe it's a vision achievable by design, Warm Tech, being united, and working toward the same goal. The result is products that look nice, work well, and save your money

Our Products

360 Cam Series

The winner of the European Product Design Award, the 360 series is the #1 best-selling camera and a staple fan favorite. The dome-shaped cameras are capable of rotating 360°, giving you 360 protection and a full view of your home. Its endless application makes it a formidable indoor camera for the safety of your family or any other space.

Doorbell Cam

The staple Doorbell Cam for every household. Armed with the latest 3-in-1 Motion Detection System and Night Vision capabilities, the Doorbell Cam can notify you in real-time who’s knocking at your door. Communicate with your visitors or turn unwanted guest away all at the convenience of your smartphone and the Nooie app.

Pro Cam

A weatherproof outdoor camera that is equipped with 2K resolution, Color Night Vision, and a built-in spotlight, the Pro Cam is a powerful ally even in the darkest night. The Red Dot Product Design winner is a popular security camera that combines functionality and aesthetic design all in one compact body.

About Nooie

Inspired by pottery and natural shapes such as pebbles, Nooie approaches their products with a softened design language with subtle color palettes, ceramic-like finishes and combining it with materials that embodies a sense of warmth.

Nooie products are easy to install, simple to control, and a breeze to maintain. It is always a pleasurable experience, and that’s by design. Nooie products makes your home more intelligent, elegant, and connects it to everything that you care about.

We believe that safety and security shouldn’t be a luxury, and everyone deserves a Nooie in their home.

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